The ICE is proud to Announce our 2022 - 2023 Bandits Hockey Rosters

Bandits 2022 - 2023 Coaching Staff

The Bandit Hockey Association

2022-2023 Coaching Staff


U10 - Steve Whitfield

Steve is a level 4 certified USA Hockey coach and has been part of the Bandit program since the doors opened in 2010. Originally from Natick, Massachusetts; Steve played 4 years of College at UMass Boston.  Currently he is the GM and Hockey Director of The ICE Complex.

Under the direction of Coach Whitfield, many Bandit teams have had successful seasons, including:

U10A and U14A (2021/22) – with 3 and 1 tournament finalist showings respectively; U18AA (2020/2021) – Champions, Tampa Presidential Power Play tournament; U16AA (2019/20) - 32-15-6 record, and SYTHL League and The Big Bear Tampa Tournament champions; U12A (2019/20) - 35-14-3 record.  U16AA (2018/19) - two tournament champions; U14AA (2017/18) - two tournament champions (including SYTHL playoffs); U14 A (2016/17) - 42-11-2 record, including three tournament champions, and one tournament finalist; U12 AA (2015/16) - undefeated in SYTHL.

In the 2022/23 season, Coach Whitfield will look to build on the success of the previous seasons to develop a strong and competitive U10 team.


U12 - Craig Terranova

Craig holds a Level 5 coach certification and a Gold Level Goaltending coach certification with USA Hockey. Craig is the SE Region Coaching Education Program Instructor for USA Hockey, as well as the USA Hockey Goalie Development Coordinator for the state of Georgia. Craig is a native of New Jersey where he played youth hockey thru high school and into college. He has been coaching youth hockey for 20+ years.

Coach Terranova has served as goalie coach with The ICE Complex and The Bandit Hockey Association since 2011, and has also served as assistant coach, for team levels, U10 – U16. Coach Terranova, most recently served as head coach for the U10 Bandits in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons, leading the team to 3 finalist showings in the 5 tournaments played in the 2021/22 season.

Coach Terranova brings USA Hockey developed training programs and coaching instruction for each age group into his practice plans. He has the ability to inject humor to create a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment; ensuring the players gain a love and respect for both the game and teammates, that will be instrumental in their overall future in the game of hockey.


U14 - Tim Gampel  

Tim is a level 4 certified USA Hockey coach. Tim is originally from Newburyport, Massachusetts, where he played youth travel and high school hockey. Coach Gampel has been with The Bandit Hockey Association since 2010.

Coach Gampel, as head coach, led the U14A Bandits through strong development seasons in 2020/21 and 2019/20 earning tournament finalist and tournament championship showings respectively. In the 2018/19 season, he led the U12 Bandits to two tournament championships as well as winning the SYTHL playoffs. In the 2016/17season, Coach Gampel’s U16 A team won three tournament championships and the SYTHL championship.

As assistant coach, Coach Gampel has been a part of several successful Bandit team seasons - U14A - Big Bear Tampa tournament finalist (2021/22); U16 AA - two tournament champions (2018/19); U14AA - two tournament champions (including SYTHL playoffs) (2017/18); U14A - 42-11-2 record including three tournament champions, and one tournament finalist (2016/17);  U12AA team - undefeated in SYTHL play (2015/16).

Coach Gampel is looking forward to returning to the U14 Bandits as head coach for the 2022/23 season and plans to build on the successes of previous seasons.


U16 – Doug Wilcox

Doug is a level 3 certified USA Hockey coach and has been a part of the Bandit Organization since 2015. Doug grew up in the Los Angeles area and has 35 years of hockey experience. Doug played youth travel hockey at the AA and AAA levels and has coached teams at several levels over the past 10 years.

Coach Wilcox started coaching in 2013 while living in Orlando Fl. He joined the The ICE Complex and Bandit Organization in 2015 as a volunteer coach for the The ICE house league. In 2018 Coach Wilcox served as head coach for the U12 Bandit Select team. In 2020, he served as off-ice coach and team statistician for the U14 Bandit team.  Coach Wilcox returned to coaching in 2021 as assistant coach for the U14 Bandits under the direction of Coach Whitfield.

Coach Wilcox understands the investment that both player and family make when committing to play at the travel hockey level. Therefore, he believes a coaching staff should invest back into the players by instilling the appropriate preparation and team mentality to compete at the highest level and to breed team success through discipline, pace of play, hard work and most importantly - fun and love of the game. Coach Wilcox looks forward to the 2022/23 Bandits Season with the U16 team.


U18 – James East

James is a Level 4 certified USA Hockey coach and has been part of The ICE Complex and Bandit Hockey Association programs since 2015. James grew up in Ontario, Canada and played AA and AAA hockey with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.

Coach East begins his 7th year with Bandit Hockey.  During his time with The Bandits, he has been a part of coaching teams for several successful seasons at both U14 and U16 levels. As head coach, he led the 2021/22 U16 Bandits thru a successful season, with the team being undefeated in SYTHL league play and earning the SYTHL Championship. In 2018/19, he also led the U14 Bandit Select team to a champion season. As assistant coach for the 2019/20 U14 and U16 Bandit teams, under the direction of Coach Whitfield, Coach East helped lead the U16 AA Bandits to a 32-15-6 season; and both U16 and U14 teams earn championship titles at Big Bear Tournaments.

Coach East centers his development on both the team and the individual.  He believes players should develop hockey and life skills through hard work, discipline, and humor.  Coach East is looking forward to a great season of Bandit Hockey working with the U18 team and plans to build on the successes of the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons, in both player development and team record.

U 18

Ian Arguello

Hudson Bashkin

Gabe Beck

Jansen Dacey

Cole De Benedictis

Hudson Demetrops

Liam East

Hayden Gunckel

Reilly Jeffreys

Tyler Komander

JP Mackin

Zachary Miller

Hayden Petek

Nolan Porcello

Dylan Riegert

Matthew Sootin

Jeffery Thomas

Jack Warden

Daniel Wittlin

U 14

Jackson Cunningham

Josh DeNardo

Nick Dickson

Joey Ek

Thomas-Mathis Gagnon

Andrew Larkin

Nicholas Lemieux

Parker Maracle

Casey Nick

Liam Horvath

Liam Robertson

Blake Sanders

Gavin Vaughn

U 12

Wesley Clark

Andrew Dulko

Henry Grabowski

Alex Larkin

Sylvana Nieto

Gary (Tripp) Obert

Brooks Parker

Will Parker

Billy Silva

Griffin Wonner

Kenneth Yuan

Sylas Zontek

U 10

Parker Abad

Gavin Arena

Ryne Buffum

Joey Drigon

Vadim Kanyuka

Tyler Lam

Asher Lewis

Carter Price

Emerson Street

Owen Vilders

Thomas Wallace

Lillian Weinreich

Mission Statement:

The Bandits Ice Hockey Association's mission is to provide a positive, character building, sports experience for youth; while creating a passion and respect for the great game of ice hockey.

Bandits Hockey believes the development of every individual; with an emphasis on education, personal growth and skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship; will result in team depth, diversity, respect and cohesion. Ultimately providing a level of confidence that brings success not only in the environment of competitive ice hockey; but builds a foundation for success in future adult and business life as well.

The conduct of our coaching staff, players, and parents will be maintained and held to high standards in order to ensure a positive culture and environment to honor and respect the sport and players, and exemplify an organization in which to be proud of.